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 Eli Thomas and Hunter Mt, N.Y.


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(Formerly Native Voices Foundation)
Creating Joyful Unity through sports and education to heal Mother Earth
for all our Children, including through the Olympics.

Native American Olympic Team Foundation

NAOTF History

Founded in 1996 by Olympic Downhiller and World Freestyle
Champion Suzy Chaffee and Colorado Ute Unity Leader, Alden Naranjo,
NAOTF is a unique partnership between our cultures - influential leaders of Indian Nations and ski towns, teamed with sports legends, statesmen and journalists.

It was inspired by Daniel “Rollingbears” Quintana, a Lakota-Tewa-Pueblo-Spaniard, living in Telluride, in 1995. Suzy asked, “Would you like to exchange the wisdom of the mountains for the joy of skiing?” “Sure,” he said, and learned the Eagle dance on skis - 3 360’s in a row, holding hands - his second day skiing. Touched by Suzy and Telluride Ski Company giving back, he saved the town from a snowless Christmas by singing the sacred "4 Directions Song" on the radio and created, with Creator, a blizzard. Coincidentally, Gabriel Cousins, a modern day Essene, (like Jesus, Moses and the three kings), did the same 4 Directions Song, in Hebrew, to open Telluride’s Steps to Awareness

More NAOTF History... “Mother Earth Really Listens, Ministers Apologizing, Carrying the Wisdom of our Ancestors, Telluride’s First Event, Ross Anderson, and Motivations of Suzy Chaffee and Alden Naranjo

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