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"Cheyenne Ross Anderson - Fastest American on Skis, 2nd in World, 2002."
- Sports Illustrated

Olympian Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, NAOTF's Co-founder and Co-chairman, gives a ride to Navajo Cissy Esiddy at Telluride, CO, the pioneering ski resort.


(Formerly Native Voices Foundation)
Creating Joyful Unity through sports and education to heal Mother Earth
for all our Children, including through the Olympics.

Native American Olympic Team Foundation


Who Is Native American Olympic Team Foundation?

Over the years, NAOTF has attracted some of the most respected leaders of American Tribes and sports legends: Besides the top American Olympic racers, World Freestyle Champion Ute Jan Bucher, Freestyle Olympians Mariano Ferrarro and Emily Cook, Olympic handicapped racer Muffy Davis, Canadian Olympian Steve Podborsky and World Freestyle Champ John Eaves, Norwegian Pro Race Champions Stein and Jahrle Halsnes, and British Olympian Martin Bell. (Click “NAOTF Board” for full list.) NAOTF has also attracted greats from other sports: Basketball Guru Coach Phil Jackson, America's Cup winner Bill Koch, Golden Gloves Champion Rick Bard, now editor/publisher of Manhattan Magazine and recipient of the UN Eco Award, and the Olympic Alumni Association, headed by Olympic Swimmer John Nabor. NAOTF is also supported by other Eco Angels like Jack Chrysler, sponsor of the First Ute Eco Camp in a Teepee Village in Telluride. [Top of Page]

NAOTF'S Wisdomkeepers

NAOTF's Wisdomkeeepers Tex Hall elected President of NCAI 

NAOTF is now guided by some of the most respected Native leaders in America, like NAOTF's Co-chairman, Brian Wallace, leader of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California. In November, we are so honored, that Tex Hall, was elected President of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). As chair the 3 Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota and the Great Plains Chairmen' Association, he sponsored our Native Blessing Ceremony at the Park City's America's Pre-Olympic World Cup, (with Wildhorse Casino of the N.W. Umatilla Confederacy) which resulted in their best snow ever!; A dynamic speaker, empowered by his basketball prowess, Tex, at long last, can bring the missing Native Voice of wisdom to mainstream America, a foundation on which technology can more safely rest; His cousin Ed Hall, Director of Tourism for the BIA, is one of the most influential Natives in Washington D.C.

Tex and Ed Hall and Rose Ann Abrahamson were honored at the White House as principles of the Lewis, Clark and Sakajawea Expedition. 

Iroquois Chief Oren Lyons founded the international Green Cross with  Gorbachev and was instrumental in persuading Sweden to shift from nuclear to alternative energy; Medicine men, Lakota Wallace Black Elk and Navajo Lenny Foster have shared their Earth People Way of Life at the United Nations and are leaders at human rights conferences in Geneva and spiritual conferences around the world. Plus leaders from tribes across America. [Top of Page]

Focusing on What's Right with People 

Another NAOTF Board member is Lloyd Bald Eagle, an actor, reenactor, champion Native traditional dancer, and international unity leader from the Minnecojou Lakota Tribe of South Dakota. "After living through painful, frustrating experiences on the reservation, as well as priceless spiritual ones, I've been blessed to be able to perform Native cultural dances around the globe. Seeing how hungry people are to connect with their earth roots through us, without even realizing it, I now believe that 'people to people diplomacy' - bonding friendships - through dance, sports, film, and ceremonies, is the most powerful stepping stone to world peace and harmony. Coming from a family of war heroes, I believe that investing in this kind of prevention of costly war, is the answer. Instead of focusing on what's wrong with people, I now believe a more effective use of my time is to focus on what's right, which empowers them, said Bald Eagle. 

Olympic Aid 

An event that most touched Lloyd's heart was performing for orphan children of war-torn Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo at the "House of Culture" in West Berlin, Germany. Of all the international performances, the children were in awe of the Native Americans and asked their priest to meet them. The next day, Lloyd's dance troupe made an unscheduled visit to teach the kids to dance and share the meaning. "It felt like we connected with the children's sprits," said Lloyd. In the same sphere, Norwegian Olympian and IOC Athletes Advisor, Johan Olav Koss, founded an international organization, called Olympic Aid, that gives life lifting support to children of war refugees and Indigenous Peoples, like the Aborigines. NAOTF has connected with Steiner Solarie, Olympic Aid Executive Director, in hopes of putting American Tribes under their wing to enhance the joy and opportunities of Native youth, and helping make this the "Year of the Native Americans." (

The Spirit of President Mandela

The words of our tribal brother Nelson Mandela keep ringing in my ears this Olympic year when our people are being honored, reminding me that the sky's the limit," said Lloyd. In his inaugural speech after decades of prison, President Mandela said:

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frighten us. We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us. It's in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."